Call for Makers is Open…

Closing September 28, 2019

What if your cool project isn’t done yet?

That’s okay, and here’s why…

Making is a process, a journey, if you will, and along that journey you learn things. Maybe you learn a new skill, or you learn why you should have used screws instead of nails, or why hot glue wasn’t the best choice. All of these little details of a project create an experience, and the experience is something you can share at Maker Faire.

– Get Involved! 

Come Race with us…

There are plenty of ways to

get involved with

Nashville Mini Maker Faire!


You can contribute by becoming a  VOLUNTEER! Does your child 12-14 want to work the faire? They can with your help! Any child 15+ can volunteer with parents approval. To volunteer fill out the application (parents please sign for under 17) and we will be in touch to schedule you to help out or email with questions!

          Join in the fun… Volunteer today!

 Didn’t make the deadline but, have a project to share? YOU can still come to Nashville Mini Maker Faire and share! Please email and we will look at finding room for you!

Share your project(s) (finished or not), knowledge, what you learned along the way and your passion for your craft! Share your invention or ideas and inspire the future!

We can’t wait to see you at the Nashville Mini Maker Faire Saturday, Oct 5th 2019!